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portada restaurante

We have several food areas where you can enjoy the different ways we offer in one of our restaurants with the best cuisine and menus of all kinds. You can hold events of all kinds in our facilities. We organize weddings, baptisms, communions, corporate meetings, bachelor parties, etc.



portada bungalows

If what you want are all the comforts of home, but you want to do it in a unique setting surrounded by nature, here are the bungalows. Equipped with all the amenities of a conventional home. With full kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, air conditioning, and two completely separate bedrooms.



portada piscina

We provide our pool, equipped for the most demanding, with cocktails and bar service where you attend without leaving the water. It is set and illuminated so that they can enjoy it young and old at any time. Completely surrounded by grass and large shadows.


Summer terrace

portada restaurante

In our summer terrace you can enjoy a pleasant day outdoors in a relaxed atmosphere and design. Fully landscaped area next to the pool and playground where you can; enjoy our cocktails and a menu of casual food that will make you enjoy your nights especially in spring and summer.



portada parcelas

Our plots are perfect for camping or caravan park. They are equipped with separate water and electricity takes to make your experience as pleasant as possible. The space available to each plot will make you enjoy greater independence. We have a barbecue area and a supply store.



portada aseos

The toilets are designed and prepared for all kinds of visitors, adapted to all needs, totally independent of the leisure areas and rest users. We've thought of every detail. Adjoining the main toilet area, we offer a system of batteries and taps and personal laundry.



portada accesos

In a unique setting, in the center of Spain, between Talavera de la Reina and Cazalegas, facing a swamp with an area of 150 hectares with a capacity of 7 Hm3 in a perfect place, we are placed for your relax and enjoyment of nature with all amenities at your disposal.




portada piscina

We have the best services for your full enjoyment of a perfect stay without neglecting the smaller and not so small, for which we have various recreational areas, swimming pools, playground and activities, without forgetting to meet their demands Internet access via WiFi, laundry or small market.

Emblematic place besieged between Cazalegas and the town of Talavera de la Reina, in the province of Toledo next to a swamp with clear water. It has a rich flora on the banks of the swamp, consisting of poplars, elms, poplars, river aquatic plants and is a great place for bird watching, especially as wading and migratory herons, cormorants, geese, geese and raptors like hawks, eagles and marsh harrier.

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imagen entorno 2

The swamp collects the water coming from the river Alberche. It was built in 1949, it covers an area of 150 hectares with a capacity of 7 Hm3. In the drying out of the swamp found late Roman remains and tombstones Visigoths. For its calm waters you can enjoy different sports and leisure activities like fishing, fishing, canoeing, sailing and many others, as well as the spectacular scenery and the environment.

One step from Talavera de la Reina, next to the town of Cazalegas. The first one, Talavera, is head of the region with more than 84,000 inhabitants, with great commercial and artisan tradition, with a Visigoth pre-Roman history and Arabic. It is a city full of life, rich in tradition and culture. The second one, Cazalegas, which it belongs, is the parish church of San Vicente Martir. The pottery trough is also very interesting it to see, like the Cazalegas Dam, beautiful and modern building civil and industrial architecture.

imagen cazalegas talavera



Low season Hight season
Adult 4.30€ 6.50€
Children 3.50€ 5.00€
Individual tent 3.80€ 4.20€
Familiar tent 4.00€ 4.60€
Caravan 4.20€ 4.60€
Auto-caravan 7.00€ 7.55€
Car 4.00€ 4.60€
Sleeping-car 5.40€ 5.90€
Motorbike 3.20€ 3.75€
Electricity 10AM 4.50€ 4.50€
Dog 3.50€ 3.50€
Camping item + car + electricity (2 adults) 24.00€
Over 3 nights discount 5%
Over 10 nights discount 10%
Over 20 nights discount 20%
Hight season includes swimming pool access + water + drain


2 people 4 people
1 night 80.00€ 120.00€
2 nights 150.00€ 200.00€
3 nights 190.00€ 270.00€
4 nights 220.00€ 320.00€
5 nights 260.00€ 350.00€
6 nights 290.00€ 400.00€
7 nights 300.00€ 450.00€
Stays for 3 people or more than 4 cosult us.

6 monts bonus

From 15/09 to 15/03 From 15/03 to 15/09
Caravan or tent for 4 people + vehicle + water and drain Consult Consult
Person or extra accesory Consult
Parcel Consult Consult

Availability and reservations



imagen senderismo

There are countless number of paths and trails that exist around our facilities, for those who enjoy the environment, the landscape and the wonders of nature that this place that is in the Sierra de San Vicente exist.


imagen piraguismo

Nauts endless activities such as canoeing, sailing, fishing, etc. there are who you will enjoy in the marsh Cazalegas that we have right in front of our facilities. Enjoy a day unequaled safety and comodidas of the activities offered and organized only for you


imagen escalada

It is located in the valley of the Sierra de San Vicente, a crowd of people that organize and participate in sessions of mountaineering and climbing natural climbing walls and climbing walls very close to our facilities.


imagen karting

With a karting circuit very close to the resort, you can enjoy a fun day downloading adrenaline racing. The main circuit has a width of 10 meters and with night lighting to enjoy all the time.


imagen paintball

Leisure and entertainment guaranteed with paintball and airsoft. Facilities as well as a wide range of products for corporate meetings, bachelor parties, birthdays, etc. Any excuse to enjoy a day downloading adrenaline.

Horseback ride

imagen rutas a caballo

So you can enjoy with your family or friends or for gifts to your partner. Personalized, in small groups so that the path is perfect. No matter the level of riding, adapt the path to the rider.




We are at your disposal for everything you might need or any questions that may arise.
We are on the road Cazalegas Reservoir, TO-1261, 2 minutes from Cazalegas and 10 minutes from Talavera de la Reina.
You can contact us using the phone +34629034049, the email contacto@complejothedreams.com or fill out the form below.


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